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Plant Profiles

  • parsley
  • alliums (onion family)
  • fennel
  • Project 40. Celebrating abundance by planting 40 plants in 40 days. Will you take up the challenge? *NEW
  • 1) Buddleia Davidii
  • 2) Silver Birch (betula alba) *NEW
  • 3) Hakea Leucoptera
  • 4) Acacia Anuera
  • 5) Chrysanthemum(s) x2
  • 6) Mock Orange
  • 7) Kangaroo Apple (solanum aviculare)
  • 8) Succulent (unknown variety)
  • 9) River Red Gums(x2) (eucalyptus cameldulensis)
  • 10) Carob
  • 11) Kunzea Baxteri
  • 12) Echevaria
  • 13) Old Man Saltbush (atriplex nummularia)
  • 14) Smarty Pants Bouganvillia (bush form)
  • 15) Brommeliad (pink)
  • 17) Acacia Podalyriifolia
  • 18) Crassula Portulacea
  • 19) Spider Plant(s) (chlorophytum comosum)
  • 20) Cacti(s) (haworthia attenuata & aloe aristata)
  • 21) Aeonium Arboreum (also planted tulip & tritelia bulbs, native violets, kangaroo apple)
  • 22) Quince
  • 23) Eucalyptus Preissiana
  • 24) Red Flowering Gum (euc. ?)
  • 25) Acacia Anuera
  • 26) Callistemon Violaceus
  • 27) Scarlett Pimpernal
  • 28) Climbing Geranium (also planted: cornflower seedlings, 2x chrysanthemums, red flowered succulent)
  • 29) acacia notabilis
  • 30) hakea leucoptera
  • 31) acacia howitti
  • 32) english oak (quercus...)
  • 33) canna lillies
  • 34) abutilon (yellow)
  • 35) eucalypt spp. (unknown variety)
  • 36) euc. oleosa (red mallee)
  • 37) lillypilly (syzigium spp)
  • 38) grape (sultana)
  • 39) liquorice (x4 plants)
  • 40) peach (or possibly nectarine-won't know until it fruits)
  • 41) chinese fan palm

        It's now 2 years since I planted these things. Some are growing well but many did not survive. We have quite difficult conditions: searing summer heat with heatwaves 40° C+ which last upto 2weeks, no rain for 3mths over summer then only 450mm annually anyway, heavy frosts regularly throughout winter, soil good for making pottery with.....it's a wonder anything survives. Isn't nature incredible!

I continue to plant things and have increasing success. Last year I planted around 200 trees & bushes, a lot for future firewood use. I also continue to grow many food plants and now have an increasingly productive orchard and extensive vegetable/herb garden. My plans for a food forest is coming together. It will give us greater resilience to the difficulties faced in hard times. I encourage each of you also to grow as much of your own food as you can, even if it is just a few things in pots or foam boxes, sprouts on the kitchen sink or by joining with your neighbours to grow food in vacant blocks. Growing some of your own food is your front line defense against starvation and poverty.


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