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Suzee's Tabholea Salad

All ingredient measures should be used more or less to personal taste.

1cup cracked wheat (bourgal) or cous cous

2 cups chopped parsley leaf

1/2 onion (or a couple of spring onions)

3 sprigs of mint

1-2 tomatoes (or a handful of cherry tomatoes)

juice of 1 lemon

1Tblspoon olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste

Cover cracked wheat (or cous cous) with boiling water. Put aside until all the water has been absorbed and it is a soft crumbly texture.

Chop the parsley, onion, mint & tomato into the size you enjoy eating it.

Combine the lemon juice, oil, salt & pepper in a jar and shake well.

Toss all the ingredients including the wheat together in a large salad bowl. Pour over dressing and stir though the salad.



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