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Earthspirit Enterprises

Earth Spirit Enterprises

caring for Earth & people with

certified organic products


Using certified organic products is one of the best ways you can

care for your health and the Earth.


This site is all about caring for Earth and people. It's also for sharing opportunities & quality information.

Certified organic products benefit you because:

  • it has no synthetic chemical residues from either the agricultural or manufacturing processes (many chemicals are known to have detrimental effects on health causing a wide range of diseases)
  • tests have shown organic products have a higher nutritive value than conventionally grown crops
  • organic growing methods protect and enrich the environment benefitting all life
  • organic product pricing reflects the true cost of production and ultimately saves money as the cost of medical treatments and environmental clean-ups far exceed the cost of organic production in the first instance


Organic & Natural Enterprise (ONE) Group make the world's first extensive range of skin, hair, body, home, nutrition and cosmetics products internationally certified organic to food standards.


ONE Group

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Certification is your guarantee that the ingredients used and the manufacturing processes abide the strict guidelines of the certifying organisation.

ONE Group's extensive product range is certified with these organisations:

If you want to be sure what you are using is truly organically produced look for a certification logo like the ones above.



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Earthspirit Enterprises

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